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République hits mobile this week, other versions to follow

République, the crowdfunded mobile stealth action adventure, beings its episodic release on mobile devices this week.

The first episode of Camouflaj's debut project is called Exordium, and hits the App Store on Thursday December 19, for $5. Other platforms will follow.

In a Kickstarter update, Camouflaj said it has elected to follow Telltale's example in launching $5 episodes a few months apart.

The complete, five-chapter series will be available for $20 to those who purchase the first episode at $5 and then pick up a $15 season pass - a 25% discount, which also comes with early access to the second episode. and other goodies. Picking up all five individually will cost $25. Ccrowdfunding backers got a hefty discount, nabbing the whole series at $10.

Camouflaj aims for each episode to last about two hours, but cheerfully admits its estimates could be off - the first episode apparently runs about three hours.

Here's the launch trailer, courtesy of IGN, as well as a couple of screenshots.

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