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Report - Wii, DS hardware numbers at 1.3 million for Spain and Portugal in 2010


According to a recently-held press conference for the Iberica region - the part in Europe containing Spain and Portugal - Nintendo sold 1.3 million combined units of DS and Wii hardware in the area last year.

It was also reported that 6.39 million software units were sold in the two countries for the two consoles in last year, making up for a 44.7 percent market share.

Nintendo claims that DS is now the best-selling console in Spanish history with 5.3 million units. That makes up for a market share of 67.9 percent. Art Academy is DS's best-selling game in the region.

Wii, meanwhile, has sold 2.7 million units, claiming a market share of 49.2 percent.

But despite that, figures from the company in the region went down by six percent last year.

Nintendo is set to release its new DS SKU, 3DS, in Europe in March, with more concrete details coming later today at the publisher's event for the handheld in Amsterdam.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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