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Report: Lego Batman 2, The Hobbit, and DC Comic games releasing in 2012

Earlier today, Gamekyo reported that Warner was set to announce LEGO Batman 2 for multiple platforms next year, and now the LA Times has word that The Hobbit, as well as another DC Comics-based title are heading our way in 2012.

According to a feature on Warner which includes a chat with Warner Interactive president Martin Tremblay, the Hobbit game will be released sometime in 2012 before part one of Peter Jackson's film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes out in December. No word on if it is a tie-in to the films or not, but Guillermo del Toro said previously there will not be a Hobbit game tie-in with the upcoming movie at launch.

“It’s too ambitious to try and tackle that along with The Hobbit," he said at the time. “We have such tight release dates.” He did however, concede that both he and Jackson would have a part in the eventual game, but from a writer’s standpoint, it would be tough to be as heavily involved in it as he would have like at the time.

As far as extra information concerning the LEGO Batman 2 title, the LA Times article only mentions it in passing, and that Tremblay wasn't at liberty to provide explicit details on the DC Comics game, nor the superhero which would be starring in it.

We'll send Warner a mail regarding all three, and see what it has to tell us.

Maybe it will also tell us why the hell Jackson wrote Legolas into The Hobbit when there's no mention of him whatsoever in the book.

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