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Report - Capcom holding back E3 "bombshell"


According to the latest episode of Shack's Weekend Confirmed podcast, Capcom's going to drop a nuke in three-and-a-half weeks time at E3.

Apparently, the game will be announced from a western studio, and this just 24 hours after firm president Haruhiro Tsujimota said western studios would only be brought onto sequel or port projects, with Capcom's Japanese arm handling development on its new IPs.

"Boy, their E3 bombshell puts that to test," podcast host Garnett Lee said in around the 1:59:10 mark, near the end of the podcast. "I'm not going to spill it because I don't want to make anyone mad, but boy their E3 bombshell puts that to test."

What this "bombshell" could be is obviously unknown until next month in LA, but it could be either the return of an old franchise being built with Natal in mind - as mentioned by Capcom US boss Christian Svensson back in January - or it could be the rumoured development of Devil May Cry 5 from Enslaved dev Ninja Theory.

We asked Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades about that rumour last week at a Namco event in Barcelona. And you're just gonna have to wait until Monday for the answer, thanks to the "fantastic" things we call embargos.

E3, please hurry.

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