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Report - Batman: Arkham City content complete, says OPM podcast


That year-long wait may have just gotten even more painful.

According to the latest OPM podcast, Batman: Arkham City is already content complete, meaning the game can be played from start to finish.

But to make sure it gets treated right, developer Rocksteady will be polishing it between now and its release next fall.

Also mentioned in the podcast is that the grapple hook from Arkham Asylum will now let you glide about the environment, "Just Cause style".

Rocksteady was coy about the possibility of co-op in the game, saying, "We're not talking about that right now."

It was reported earlier this week the game would have multiplayer, according to PSM3.

The first direct-feed shots of the game also got out this week, showing how incredible it already looks.

Arkham City's out next fall for PS3, 360 and PC.

Via SystemLink.

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