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RedLynx CEO says Natal could "be a leap to the next dimension"


Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx, sat down with GOONLINE and had a chat about all things Trials HD, and through the course of the conversation, Virtala happened to provide his thoughts on Natal and the montion controller from Sony.

"The motion controls definitely expand the possibilities for whole new game experiences. New type of games, interactive experiences, new type of audiences," he said. "There are number of interesting developments that we all have seen in the press. If we would have to hand-pick one of the most interesting ones, we would most likely choose Project Natal.

"Motion controlling without the controller – with full body and movement mapping – it could be a leap to the next dimension, not just one more development step among motion controllers.

"In any case, our focus has always been multiplatform, and we’ve been many times working with new devices and platforms, so these new motion controllers definitely are of high interest."

As far as bringing Trials HD to PSN, Virtala said it was too early to say as the firm is concentrating on DLC for the Xbox Live version at the moment.

You can read the rest of the interview, conducted by VG247's newest slave-boy, Johnathan Cullen, through the link.

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