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Take a look at Red Alert Remastered's Tesla Tank

The Tesla Tank looks better than ever in this updated asset from the upcoming Red Alert remaster.

EA producer Jim Vessella, who spearheaded an effort to convince EA to remaster the classic Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn, visits the official Command & Conquer subreddit every once in a while to share an update, maybe even a sneak peek at in-game assets from the remaster.

Vessella previously showed off Tiberian Dawn's Construction Yard, and this week, the executive returned with a look at the famous Tesla Tank from the original Red Alert.

The remastered model retains the original's simple in-game design, and doesn't go for the - much more detailed - Red Alert 2 design, or even the one shown in RA1 cinematics. Staying true to the original in-game reference is the goal, according to Vessella.

"In an effort to take advantage of the 4K resolution, many of our earlier unit concepts included extra widgets and details, but we often found this compromised the unit’s readability at camera game height," he wrote.

"So we continued to iterate, and over the months we’ve begun to hone in on these elements, and feel like the Tesla Tank here strikes a good balance between readability and those added details. Of note, we only interpreted one Tesla ring from the legacy in-game asset, but there’s already been a healthy debate with the Community Council whether the Tesla ball should have two rings to match the cinematic reference."

Alongside the screenshot, Vessella also shared a brief update on development. The team recently managed to get Red Alert playable for the first time internally, which means a lot of work is going into replacing old assets with remastered ones. The Tesla Tank is one of many new assets already finished and ready to be implemented.

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