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Reboot Develop Blue 2019 conference line-up is a who's who of industry talent

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The great and the good of global game development will gather in Dubrovnik, Croatia, next week for the industry's most exclusive conference, Reboot Develop Blue.

The high-end event keeps attendee numbers down while pulling together some of the biggest, most successful names in games, and this year has an incredible line-up of talent with a strong emphasis on Japanese development.

Sekiro and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki, Rez auteur Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Deadly Premonition's Swery Hidetaka and The Last Guardian's Fumito Ueda are all confirmed, with Miyazaki and Ueda teaming up for the opening keynote on Thursday, April 11.

Former EA Visceral and Naughty Dog writer and director Amy Hennig is delivering Saturday's keynote. Blizzard's head of story and franchise development George Krstic, former Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov, Horizon: Zero Dawn writer Anne Toole, Fallout: New Vegas and Dying Light 2 writer Chris Avellone and studio head for Halo Transmedia Kiki Wolfkill are all confirmed speakers.

On top of that the three-day event will feature sessions from leading executives and creatives from Croteam (Serious Sam 4), Guerilla Games (Horizon Zero Dawn), Square Enix (Final Fantasy), CCP (EVE Online), Bungie (Destiny), Remedy (Control), Jumpship (Somerville), Vlambeer (Ultrabugs), Darewise (Project C), 11 Bit Studios (This War of Mine), Ubisoft, Microsoft, Rocksteady, Crystal Dynamics, Splash Damage, Treyarch, Techland, Skybound, Creative Assembly, Motion Twin and more.

VG247 is media partner for Reboot Develop Blue and as well as reporting live from the event will also host a selection of livestreamed sessions on the site, with a schedule and more details to come.

There are a handful of tickets left for Reboot Develop Blue available through the official site.

You can find all of VG247's coverage of Reboot Develop 2018 here.

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