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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: Insomniac releases direct feed gameplay footage


Insomniac has released the first direct feed gameplay footage of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, featuring commentary from studio director Chad Dezern,

Get it below, courtesy of the US PS Blog.

James Stevenson, community manager at Insomniac, has posted some interesting details on the game over on the US PS Blog as well, and we've rounded up some of 'em below.

  • We love co-op gameplay, we’re excited to be bringing out a game really designed around co-op in R&C:A4O.
  • You can play online and make new friends.
  • I can’t get into features we haven’t announced (for obvious reasons) – I will say the game has tons of plans to make it very very replayable. We have a huge focus on replayability. We’ll reveal a lot of that in the future, but tons of reasons to play the game many times.
  • We’re focusing on the director’s style camera so we can really make the adventure seem cinematic. If you’re alone and playing online with 3 friends, the camera will bias towards you on your screen a bit, but generally we want you to be able to see you and your friends at all times. The camera will indeed bias towards your character if you are playing online – but it will still be trying to keep your friends on screen as well.
  • We’re still playing with the HUD.
  • When you’re playing by yourself you will have an AI Buddy to help you perform all the co-op tasks in the game.
  • Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr all are in the comic series which released this week and you can find in your local comic store. Sasha is back as well. Sasha, Talwyn, and Ratchet… can you say love triangle? A Crack in Time ends the Future story arc. This still is the sequel, and stands alone as a brand new story. The comic books (issue 1 out this week!) help bridge the story from Crack in Time to All 4 One.
  • If you die during combat, you will have to be revived by other players. We don’t want to punish falling off ledges too much, as it’s really no fun to watch people play the game for long-periods (or for your friends to throw you off the ledge and then you have to wait to get back in)
  • We have shown very little of the game at this point, and there will certainly be more areas. Furthermore – you can play the game and access all of the content alone (if you so desire).
  • The best part is this whole game is designed around co-op. We’re having a ton of fun with it in the office.
  • If all four players are on the couch together, they will ALL be able to sign into PSN and earn trophies and such.There’s definitely a lot of co-op play being layered and designed into the game and other levels. Other elements (like the cluster cannon) require everyone to do it, but also add the competition to see who can do it first.Lots of cool things throughout the game, but I can’t spill the beans yet! 1-4 player online or offline co-op. Drop-in or out. And any combo of online and offline players.
  • We haven’t announced anything [regarding competitive co-op modes] else at this point! We are really focused on the co-op gameplay right now.

There are two more pages of comments through the link up top, so there may be more information in there for you.

R&C:A4O is slated for fall 2011.

Enjoy the video.

Thanks, Monk.

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