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Randomly generated gameplay elements game seeks crowdfunding

GameTron 1000, a game that spins a poker machine style wheel to randomly generate gameplay elements and thus creating brand new unique games, is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Mojo Bones are the developers behind the project, which has a target of £90,000 by 20 January, and have posted a somewhat entertaining video on their Kickstarter page.

Thanks to Kotaku who describe the game, set for PC and Smartphones, as being similar to Scribblenauts but for videogame ideas. On watching the video, the process comes across as a bit of a gamble, with multiple genres, characters, environments and more all on offer to be combined together.

It is an interesting idea, and if the results should ever resemble losing to a poker machine, then the wheel can just be spun again to generate yet another new game.

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