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Smaller Rainbow Six Siege patch releases may slow down as a result of coronavirus

Rainbow Six Siege development could slow down as a result of coronavirus.

Many at Ubisoft's studios are now working from home, and this includes the Rainbow Six Siege teams. In an official message, the developer explained how this will affect the cadence of patches and behind-the-scenes development.

"While the day-to-day play experience will remain unchanged on Rainbow Six Siege, we foresee that smaller patches will be cut in the short term," the developer said on Twitter.

"This will not impact upcoming content that is ready for release in the current update. However, we are assessing the impact on future planned content releases and we will keep the community up to date on any shifts timelines that might occur."

The first add-on for Siege's Year 5, operation Void Edge, launched last week, but this will slow down balance tweaks and other smaller patches that typically follow big releases.

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