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Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event may have leaked

One of the surprises Ubisoft is preparing to unleash upon the Rainbow Six Siege community this Halloween has apparently been revealed ahead of time.

Following the release of Rainbow Six Siege's Y3S3.1 update this week, the game's community noticed something interesting on the game's home screen.

For a few brief moments, the page showed what is our first look at Siege's Halloween event. First spotted by Reddit user Chuck0620, the event appears to be a casual playlist featuring the map House.

The map has been redecorated, though, with Halloween-appropriate spookiness. It's not clear at this stage whether the changes are nothing more than visual, but the message also teases upcoming skins that look nothing like any of the skins available today.

The nun skin for what looks to be Valkyrie is especially terrifying. We're hoping there's a little more to the event than a redecorated map and a few skins, but it's hard to say.

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