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Rainbow Six Siege: hit markers, pacing, firearms changed following feedback

The recent alpha test for Rainbow Six Siege was very useful for both the players and the developing team.


Rainbow Six Siege developers have taken a lot of the feedback that was provided on board when they looked at the game data from the alpha test. The feedback was very detailed, according to the devs, which resulted in equally detailed explanations.

Here are the changes that occupy the highest level of importance, based on player feedback.

Hit markers

  • Removed except for friendly fire and kill confirmation

Game pacing

  • Base operator movement speed reduced by 20%
  • Implementing armor system (light, medium, heavy) with mobility vs. armor tradeoff
  • Implementing equipment and weapon weight costs to movement
  • Currently experimenting with increased round times to slow down play



  • Recoil improved for PC, with stronger initial shot kick and diamond recoil patterns doubled in size

-Additional changes

  • Greater vertical recoil on all assault rifles
  • Greater increase in spread per shot of all submachine guns, especially the P90
  • Increased vertical recoil on all submachine guns
  • Increased time to ADS for assault rifles
  • Increased time to ADS for all weapons after sprint
  • Iterated on the equip and unequip timers on all weapon families. Heavier weapons will feel heavier
  • Increased camera shake/intensity per shot, per weapon family
  • Reduced the damage of the P90 and iterating on another damage pass for all weapons
  • Shotgun damage over distance curves are being tweaked
  • Reload times are being tweaked during animation polish
  • Bullet penetration penalty on bullets is still being evaluated and iterated on


  • Audio in Closed Alpha was placeholder. Will be improved across the board

Ammo count

  • Ammo count reduced across the board. Will be equivalent to Raven Shield values

DBNO (down but not out)

  • Now limited to 2 potential occurrences per operator before dying outright. Continuing to investigate

Party system and push to talk

  • Party system will be implemented
  • Push-to-Talk will be implemented
  • In-game text chat was already available, but wasn’t clear


  • No changes yet to damage or armor values. Other items need to be implemented/investigated before we consider changes in this area

Lean & ADS

  • Will include a toggle option on PC for lean, aim, sprint, crouch and prone
  • Currently investigating new designs for leaning while not in ADS

Heartbeat sensor

  • Range reduced from 15m to 10m detection radius

Check the official blog for the rest of them, or watch the video below to see what the team has been up to.

Watch on YouTube

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