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Rainbow Six Siege: hands-on with closed alpha gameplay

Let's take an indepth look at the two maps in the Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha, as well how to use the Breach Kits for Ubisoft's upcoming tactical FPS.

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The Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha went live yesterday, offering two maps for early players to access, as well as a small selection of weapons and gadgets.

In the video above you'll see gameplay footage of the two playable maps, House and Plane, as we work through spawn points and tactics to defend or attack the opposition.

House is a wide map with lots of doorways and windows acting as choke points, and players can rappel the outside of the building to gain entry to the top floor.

Plane is a tighter affair, with gunfights taking place at distance instead of up close and personal, and is a harder map for the attacking team.

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Siege also offers a lot of improvisation by letting players blow up the environment to create their own paths. This is done with the Breach Kits, with most classes starting the round with three that can be placed on flat surfaces and used creatively.

Just make sure you don't blow up your hostage.

Rainbow Six Siege is out later this year.

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