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RaiderZ now available on Steam

RaiderZ, Perfect World's answer to the question "why hasn't the Monster Hunter MMO been localised for the west?", is now available through Steam.

Unfortunately nobody's yet answered our other pressing question, namely, "Is it said Raider Zed or Raiderzzzzz?"

The free-to-play MMO has been available since late last year but has only just made the jump to Steam, which as we've had confirmed again today is too massively successful to overlook.

RaiderZ is, to be blunt, very Monster Hunter-ish. Potential champions suit up, head out after massive creatures, and can join multiplayer parties of up to 15 players.

Equipment can be customised and crafted via merging, and characters evolve via skill selection.

Perfect World doesn't seem to be throwing much marketing behind the MMO: the latest trailer the publisher has produced is this E3 2012 effort.

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