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Rabbids Land trailers are zany, so are these Rabbids Rumble screens

Two videos for Ubisoft's Rabbids Land on Wii U are below. There's also a set of screenshots for Rabbis Rumble on 3DS posted below as well as more information.

In Rabbids Rumble, players must collect over 100 Rabbids throughout seven worlds full of mini-games and bring the complete collection back, one battle at the time.


  • Collect over 100 delirious Rabbids - Capture and collect over a hundred Rabbids with unique and delirious combat abilities. Train your collection of Rabbids to make them stronger and test them in battles.
  • Challenge your friends -Play intense and hilarious 1v1 battles with your friends, mixing strategy and Rabbids' humor.
  • The battle continues in the street - Share scores, gain training bonuses, unlock new Rabbids and items with other players you cross thanks to the "StreetPass™" feature.
  • Complete your collection with "SpotPass" - With new, rare Rabbids, downloadable every week on your Nintendo 3DS™, complete your collection thanks to the "SpotPass" feature.
  • Experience the augmented Rabbidity - Interact with the Rabbids in new mini-games that will make them surging from your floor, flying around you or fighting on your kitchen table!

The game is in development at Headstrong Studio and contains co-op. Screens are below.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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