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Quick Quotes: Some monsters in Reckoning are playable races in Copernicus MMO

"There's just south of 300 maybe in the Providence studio, which is the core of the [Copernicus] MMO team. I’s set in the same universe [as Amalur], so it will become obvious over the next, I don’t know how many months and years of time. This game exists in the same world. In a small way, if you think of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and World of Warcraft, those were tied together because they were in the same IP, but there will be story connectivity between what we’re doing in the games. In the MMO, there will be races that you can play are monsters in the RPG. Things like that. Same locations, there will be cities and places, there will be a familiarity to it that… Nobody else, I think, has gone in with the intent to do that like this." - 38 Studios head Curt Schilling to VentureBeat regarding the Kingdoms of Amalur-based MMO Copernicus.

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