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Puzzle & Dragons brings in $2 million every day - report

A single mobile game is believed to be generating incredible sales figures in Japan.

According to analyst Serkan Toto, drawing on GungHo's latest financial report, the company made ¥8 billion ($92 million) in sales in January 2013.

Various factors suggest Puzzle & Dragons makes up the vast majority of this figure, with estimates putting the single game's contribution as high as ¥7 billion ($75.5 million).

Gamasutra interprets the figures to suggest that the game is bringing in up to $2 million in micro-transaction sales per day - and is only climbing.

Puzzle & Dragons is a match three game which recently released in the west. It's unusual for a Japanese mobile game in that it is a stand-alone app, unattached to platforms like Mobage and GREE. You can get in on Google Play or the App Store; it's free-to-play.

GungHo found something to spend its money on recently - Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

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