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PSA: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record DLC packs arrive today

Just a reminder that two new DLC packs for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record released today in the US.

The first is the Fire Fighter skills pack which allows you to rescue survivors faster than before. You can kick doors down, walk through fire and "wield the fire axe with an overall upgrade in manliness - mustache included."

The Firefighter Skills Pack gives you the following for 160 MSP or $1.99:

  • Immunity to fire damage
  • Increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors
  • The ability to kick doors open
  • New attack and increased durability with the fire axe

There's also the Gamebreaker pack which includes indestructible combo weapons, infinite ammo, and the ability to manipulate the in-game clock.

The pack will run you 400 MSP or $4.99 with the following extra features:

Other features include:

  • Instant PP
  • God Mode
  • Super damage
  • Super speed
  • Big head mode
  • Body builder mode
  • Dumb zombies
  • Flat Frank
  • Giant hands
  • Cinema filters

The UK will get the packs when PS3 and XBL issues each service's respective, weekly update.

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