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PS5 Slim teardowns confirm what we've all suspected, we've got another pretty chunky boy on our hands

The new console may be lighter, but it's still fairly large.

The PS5 Slim on its stand.
Image credit: VG247/PlayStation

The first teardown videos comparing the PS5 Slim to its predecessor have arrived, and it seems the new console isn’t that much leaner than the chunky model it’s replacing.

One of these videos (thanks, VGC) has seen content creator Dave2D put the two side-by-side, eventually drawing the conclusion that the Slim is “not actually that much smaller” than the base PS5. That said, it seems the new model does succeed in being less bulky, with the YouTuber saying: “The first thing I noticed was how much lighter (the Slim) was…the weight difference was very substantial.”

In terms of numbers, when it comes to weight, the digital-only version of the new console clocks in at 2.6kg, compared to 3.4kg for its original counterpart. Meanwhile, the version with a disc drive weighs 3.2kg, making it a little lighter than the original’s disc variant, which weighs in at 3.9kg.

Another difference between the two highlighted by Dave2D is that the white outer casing of the Slim is split into four panels as opposed to the two of the original model, with those closest to the top of the machine featuring a slightly glossier finish.

Sadly, it seems the YouTuber wasn’t a fan of the Slim’s new horizontal stand. Amounting to two transparent plastic clips that slot into the groove on one side of the console, this new stand is included with it for free, and you’ll have to buy a vertical stand separately if that’s your preference instead.

In terms of power consumption, Dave2D suggests that the two are fairly similar, though, according to the YouTuber’s testing, the Slim does seemingly use ever so slightly less juice when playing the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Death Stranding.

Thankfully for those planning to make use of the removable nature of the disc drive that comes with the more expensive version of the Slim, the YouTuber described it as being “surprisingly easy” to loft out once you’ve popped off the panel it’s hiding behind. So, you should be able to get by without whipping out your big toolbox to undo and redo some screws.

That said, previous looks at the console have suggested that an internet connection will be required to pair a disc drive with the Slim before using it, with this potentially being a security measure aimed at making sure you’re using official hardware.

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