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PS5 has sold over two million units in the UK

This makes PS5 the fourth fastest console to reach the figure.

Sony's PS5 has generated £919 million in the UK, with 2 million units sold since it was made available in 2020.

The figure makes it the fourth console in the region to make it to that figure. The first on the list is Wii, followed by PS2 and PS4, respectively, with PS5 and PS3 coming in even at 98 weeks (thanks,

God of War Ragnarok - Next Gen Immersion Trailer

Yet, PS5 is number one when it comes to money, even though its sales performance has been marred by stock shortages. Compared to PS5, Wii generated £358 million at two million unit sales, PS4 £700 million, and Xbox One generated £726 million with 2 million unit sales.

According to Gfk, if the console hadn't faced stock shortages, it would have "easily outpaced PS3" to the 2 million unit mark.

When it comes to Sony's biggest rival, Xbox, it took Microsoft's Xbox One 104 weeks to sell 2 million units, and Xbox 360 hit 2 million units after 110 weeks, despite the latter having the largest install base in the UK for a Microsoft console with around 9 million.

PS5 sales will likely soar shortly, as stock is finally increasing and God of War: Ragnarok releases on November 9, so that should help move consoles.

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