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PS4 trophy list pops up for Dark Souls developer's PS2 classic Eternal Ring

FromSoftware's PS2 title Eternal Ring might just be coming to PS4.

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Eternal Ring was a PS2 launch title from FromSoftware, and in case you were too young to remember that, or weren't even alive back then, you can check out some gameplay in John GodGames' video above.

Now that we're all feeling suitably glum about the inexorable onslaught of Time against the flowers of our youth, we can cheer up at the thought of some quality nostalgia, as an Eternal Ring PS4 trophy list has popped up on Exophase suggesting that we'll see the game appear on PS4 sometime soon.

Eternal Ring released a year before the final game in FromSoftware's Kings Field series, which was a precursor to Demon Souls and Dark Souls.

The story follows a magician named Cain sent by his king to poke around on the Island of No Return.

According to the game's PlayStation page, Cain "attempts to be the first person to return from the island alive," which makes you wonder how the king knew anything was amiss to begin with, but regardless, legends speak of the land being inhabited by weird monsters and dragons, as well as a ton of magical items.

Including rings.

Did you play Eternal Ring the first time around? Are you looking forward to seeing it on PS4? Chime in below.

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