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Sony reckons PS4 to PS5 transition will take about three years

Despite Sony's proclaimed belief in generations, the platform holder understands that cross-gen games will continue to be the norm for a while.

Sony expects games to continue arriving for PS4 alongside PS5. This transition, according to head of platform planning Hideaki Nishino, will last around three years.

Speaking to AV Watch in a wide-ranging interview, Nishino explained that it will be a couple of years before we see games made exclusively for PS5.

"The current assumption is that the transition from PS4 to PS5 will take about three years," Nishino told the site (though Google Translate). "In the meantime, how can I keep buying games on PS4? Can the purchased games be played on PS5? That is important."

Nishino added that he understands why developers would want to continue putting out games for last-gen consoles, but that will eventually change when the install base for PS5 grows.

"After a certain period of time, we ask developers to develop on the premise of 'cross generation' of PS4 and PS5. Of course, we also need to improve the library to make it easier."

Beyond that, there's also the sense that development teams will take a little while to start making proper use of the PS5's tech, such as its advanced SSD and more powerful CPU and GPU.

"In fact, it may not be easy to develop PS5-specific development from day one. For the time being, development for PS4 is also necessary," he added. "It's not a PlayStation unless you prepare a system that developers can use up over several years, so I think there is great potential in the future."

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