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PS4 has now sold through over 91 million units, with about as many PSN active users

Sony has revealed some details about the PS4's strong performance over the holidays.

Sony confirmed that more tan 5.6 million PS4 consoles were sold worldwide during the holiday season, pushing the overall figure to an impressive 91.6 million units since the console was introduced in late 2013.

These are sell-through numbers, meaning sold to consumers. At the end of October last year, that figure stood at 86.1 million.

For games, the holiday season saw the sale of over 50.7 million games on PS4, both digitally, and at retail. Spider-Man was undoubtedly the strongest exclusive of the year, having now reached over 9 million units in sales to consumers, counting both physical, and digital.

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Perhaps the more impressive statistic in today's release, however, is the number of monthly active users on the PlayStation Network. As of the end of November, 2018, Sony recorded over 90 million users.

Not all of them are paid, Plus subscribers, of course, but it goes to show how connected many PS4 owners are.

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