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PS4 Pro sales "are stronger than that of PS4 Slim," says Sony CFO

Sony has touched on how PS4 Pro sales have been going so far, when compared to PS4 Slim.


Sony released its financial results for the third quarter ending December 31, 2016 yesterday. In a briefing following the report, CFO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed a bit more about the performance of PS4 Pro, Slim, and PSVR.

"PS4 Pro is running as we had expected, as we assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we anticipated," Yoshida told investors (via DualShockers).

Part of the reason why PS4 Pro sales have been good is that players are getting the console alongside PlayStation VR. PS4 Pro offers an advantage when running VR games across the board thanks to its increase in power, so it's not hard to see why.

PlayStation VR itself is selling "in-line with expectations," according to Yoshida, but no hard data was provided.

Finally, the CFO made a quote on the call that's a bit hard to interpret. He said, "The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it."

What he meant by this is unclear here. Some took the more obvious meaning, suggesting that the more expensive PS4 Pro has sold more units than the cheaper PS4 Slim, which would be a little out of the ordinary.

What Yoshida likely meant to say was that when compared with the company's forecasts, PS4 Pro comes out on top, beating Sony's expectations, something PS4 Slim presumably hasn't been able to do - not the overall sales of the Slim.

The call was translated live, which probably meant something was lost in translation.

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