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PS4 outsells Xbox One in Spain by more than 3:1 - report

PlayStation 4 seems to be continuing the brand's traditional dominance of European territories, with notable success in Spain compared to the Xbox One.

According to Spanish site Meristation, as translated by DualShockers, 80,000 PS4s have been sold in Spain to date, with a further 12,000 at least on back order.

The figures apparently originate with Sony Spain CEO James Armstrong, who said the ratio of PS4 to Xbox One sales in the territory is 3.5:1.

Unlike yesterday's estimates of the PS4 outselling the Xbox One in North America, the margin doesn't seem dependent on dates, as the Xbox One launched a full week ahead of the PS4 in Spain.

Sony Spain said it is struggling to meet demand, despite restocking once a week, and this week brought in an additional 15,000 units.

Thanks, Dragon.

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