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PS4 firmware update 6.20 is out now

Today's new PS4 firmware update brings more of the stability we all crave.

Sony has released a new firmware update this morning for all PlayStation 4 consoles. The new update, version 6.20, comes with the same, single patch note we're so accustomed to seeing in non-major releases.

That is to say it improves system performance, and that's really about it. Although the version number is more recent than firmware 6.10, today's update doesn't roll out name changes for everyone.

Name changes were first being tested with the beta for firmware 6.10, but the feature itself is not launching until sometime in 2019. Sony has many kinks to iron out, as we recently learned about an alarming list of disclaimers that come with the process.

As with all PS4 firmware updates, 6.20 is a required download if you want to go online. The update comes in at the usual 426MB, or 979MB for the recovery version.

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