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PS3 hits 30 million lifetime sales across PAL regions

Sony has announced that total PS3 console sales in PAL territories have passed the 30 million unit mark as of December 17th. The positive announcement comes as the company's stock rating was reduced to 'junk' status in Japan by credit rating agency Fitch, following poor financials in the region.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SCEE. said in a statement issued to VG247, "This is a major milestone for us and clearly shows just how popular the PlayStation brand and products are within Europe and the PAL territories.

"We are really pleased with the success of the PS3 system over the last six years, and are committed to continuing our support of the platform with high quality products and titles that are of the caliber that PlayStation fans have come to expect."

Launched in the UK on 16th March 2007, PlayStation 3 got off to a relatively slow start in retail due to its high price-point, but the release of PS3 Slim and more recently the PS3 Super Slim have seen the console enjoy a significant boost in sales in most regions.

Just last month, total worldwide PS3 sales hit 70 million - no small number we're sure you'll agree.

Back in October, Sony Europe revealed that it has shifted five million PS3 units in the UK alone, the same month that saw the PS3 Super Slim launch on these shores, propelling sales of the console up by 138% at the time of writing.

While it's good news, many gamers are eagerly waiting for the announcement of 'PS4' - a console that VG247's own inside sources have told us much about, including details of its AMD A10 processor and more. Get our report on Sony's new rig here.

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