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PS Home update adds tattoos, dastardly disguises, inFamous clothing

Sony has updated Home with some goodies for your virtual self, such as tattoos, monocles, handlebar mustaches, and more.

The Heavy Ink tattoos include seven tribal designs and all cover the back, chest arms and legs. They also glow in Demon’s Rage, Hell Hound and Hydra’s Hex.

Jet Set Games has also released Conspiracy items which include a vintage 2-way wrist radio, a “I Have No…” t-shirt line, Pixelated Identity Protection items, and the Dastardly Disguise pack.

There are some inFamous clothing and furniture items available, as well as costumes of Solider, Armed Vigilante, Blackhawk, and Rhino. There's also gasmasks and bulletproof vests available in the PlayStation Home Mall. Over at the Sodium store, there's some Lockwood furniture items and some Dragon’s Lair clothing and furniture items around in the Threads and Furniture store as well.

Some Sprint posters are also pasted around Home and if you find all three, you can text the poster codes to 99158 and walk away with yellow Sprint-themed sneakers.

Today also marks the release of the first episode of SOCAST Live in the PlayStation Home Community Theater . The SOCAST is “dedicated to supporting the world of SOCOM and its community," and focuses on "cutting edge content from the SOCOM franchise." Y

Also, remember, Sony will be broadcasting its E3 press event live through Home on Monday June 6 at 5.00pm PST/8.00pm EST at the E3 Theater. There will also be a virtual E3 booth set up on Tuesday, June 7 at 12.00pm PST/3.00pm EST which has games on display and reward items.

Information on Home's Welcome Back package will also be announced soon.

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