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Project Zomboid update to add windows, clever NPCs, more

A huge update for Project Zomboid, the first since a major setback resulting from a burglary, is almost upon us.

As detailed on the project's website, the new update is feature complete, and is now being polished for balancing and bug fixes ahead of release.

The update will overhaul NPC behaviour, making them less likely to be hostile; you'll even be able to recuit them to assist in your own survival efforts.

A level and experience system has been implemented, allowing players to progress in skills, and a whole new system of carpentry will allow for building of more zombie-proof structures. This is good news now that zombies can smash in windows and get at you - although you too can defenestrate.

If you're no good with hammer and nails, a new pushable object mechanic means you can probably erect a barricade or two - although there's no word on whether the zombies can push back.

A much larger map goes along with a graphics update, and a couple of new weapons to play with.

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Thanks, Indie Game Mag.

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