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Project Eternity: Obsidian reveals character art, renders and location tests

Project Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment has released a batch of early character art, work in progress renders and some early location tests. See all of the images below, and remember they're early concepts.

The art was posted on the Project Eternity forum by the game's art director Rob Nesler who gave insight into the art process.

"Often, when starting a project, the artists and I just want to start drawing stuff. Especially with contracted 3D games, we have a basic idea of the world we’re making, an initial list of some of the things in it, the basic parameters for making assets, and so we just get started. With Project Eternity, we are starting the development of a rich storied RPG from scratch, zilch, nada.

"We are stepping back some years in visual 'perspective': to a fixed isometric view - so, no 'perspective' - of an essentially two-dimensional world. The traversable environment is pre-rendered to a high degree of realism, but we’re using a modern 3D game engine: Unity, for 3D characters, creatures, effects and animated props to be rendered in real-time and to assemble it all together, seamlessly.

"With this decision we’ve opened up a whole kit and caboodle of possibilities in terms of visual fidelity, occlusion, lighting, effects, and physics. At the same time, we’ve created some immediate technical problems that needed to be solved, before we could all go out and start making stuff."

It comes as Obsidian's Project Eternity funding drive came to a close with £4.3 million in the bank. If you missed out you can still pre-purchase the game and pledge over at the official site.

Here's the art, thanks Eurogamer.

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