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Project Eternity crowd-funding closes on $4.3 million

Project Eternity from Obsidian Entertainment has proven to be a crowd-funding success, as the studio closed its funding drive with $4.3 million in the bank across PayPal donations and Kickstarter pledges. We reported that the game's funding tiers are now closed earlier today, but even if you missed the boat you can still get involved. The studio has responded by saying thanks to everyone who dug deep and supported the project. Check out the details below.

PCGamesN reports that the while Obsidian has called time on its mass funding drive, gamers can still pitch in and buy a copy of the game ahead of its 2014 release via the 'Slacker Backer' package. The bundle can be bought over at the official Project Eternity site and gives buyers download code for the game on either Steam or GOG, as well as forum access.

The studio posted a thank you message on its blog that reads, "A huge and humble thank you to everyone who has supported Project Eternity over the past few months! We're overwhelmed by the over $4.3 million dollars raised to create the project, and we'll continue to be hard at work to get the game ready for everyone in 2014."

Did you invest? Is the wait until 2014 going to be unbearable? Let us know below.

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