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Project Bowmore and other unannounced Ubisoft games pop up online

Project Bowmore is an unannounced game at Ubisoft, according to the resumes of actors who worked on the project.

The name Project Bowmore initially popped up on German retailer MediaMarkt's site, alongside the page for Assassin’s Creed Compilation.

Both have since been deleted, but the name spurred fans to look into it further. Twitter user @NextGenPlayer dug up multiple references to Bowmore in the resumes of several actors/actresses on Mandy.

The Ubisoft page at the link also featured references to Project Rocket, Project Dose, and Project Aegyptus. All of these mysterious project names have since been removed, and we only have the screenshots snapped by NextGenPlayer, and later DualShockers to go on.

Even the resume for actress Amber Goldfarb, which is on a different website, also had Bowmore scrubbed clean off the list of her previous projects. Other released Ubisoft games remain on these resumes, but anything with a mysterious project name is gone.

The name Bowmore is vague enough that it'd be hard to pin down what the game could be. Aegyptus may be one name of Assassin's Creed Origins, though Rocket, and Dose are anyone's guess. It doesn't help that the pages never gave away plot or role details we can use to make an educated guess.

It's possible these projects are no longer in development, which would explain why the links were removed so quickly. There's also the possibility these are in fact in-development games that Ubisoft is not yet ready to announce.

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