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Prey: Typhon Hunter release date set for next week

The free multiplayer update to Prey: Mooncrash, Typhon Hunter, will release next week.

Bethesda has announced a release date for the Prey: Typhon Hunter update which adds multiplayer.

In the free update for Prey: Mooncrash and Prey: Digital Deluxe owners, players will take part in asymmetrical multiplayer, the TranStar VR single-player escape room, and other modes.

The VR version of the multiplayer mode will arrive later in early 2019 for PC and PlayStation VR.

Players who already purchased the Prey: Digital Deluxe version or upgraded to Prey: Mooncrash, will receive both new game modes at no extra cost. Those who don't own Mooncrash can update the base Prey game for $19.99, while new players can purchase the deluxe version for $39.99.

Prey: Typhon Hunter

Typhon Hunter multiplayer

A version of "hide-and-seek" with one person playing as Morgan Yu trying to escape being detected by five Mimic opponents. Like the base Prey game, player Mimics can disguise themselves as everyday objects like coffee cups or a roll of toilet paper. The Morgan player must hunt down and destroy all five Mimics before time runs out.

Each match begins with a prep period for Mimics. Once the clock starts, the Morgan player will need to seek out and dispatch the Mimics using only a Wrench or Pistol. Mimic players have only one life, and can either use it to stay hidden and wait the clock out, or go after Morgan. Killing Morgan runs down the clock and gives the Mimics a bit of time to regroup while they wait for Morgan to respawn.

TranStar VR

This is a single player, VR-only game with an escape-room-style campaign for PC and PSVR. Here, players are TranStar employees who need to complete objectives and solve puzzles on Talos I. This takes place just days before the events of Prey.

Various quests and familiar areas as maps are included in TranStar VR, as noted below.

Morgan's Office

  • Play as Morgan Yu in this map, testing a prototype for a new invention called the Nullwave Device. This device may be the key to protecting humanity from the Typhon aliens, but you’ll need to use all the available scientific gadgetry in the correct sequence to get it working.

Sim Labs

  • In the Sim Labs you are Dr. Calvino, the genius behind the Looking Glass technology. It’s with this tech that you will convince Morgan Yu he is still in his apartment on Earth – but there are some kinks to work out and you’re the only person who can fix them.

Yellow Tulip

  • As Abigail Foy, you receive a message from Danielle Sho asking you to meet her at the Yellow Tulip after hours. But the Yellow Tulip is empty when you arrive, and all you can find is a mysterious sequence of clues and puzzles for you to follow. Who knows what’s really waiting for you?

TranStar VR mode also grants players VR access to the expanded TranStar Museum, inspired by the museum in the Talos I lobby.

Prey: Typhon Hunter releases December 11 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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