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Prey console demo is now a trial which means progress will carry over and it's also available for PC

A new Prey trial is now available on consoles as well as PC for the first time.

PC players who've yet to get jump into Prey can do so from today, and again, it's not a demo but trial which means all progress will carry over into the full game upon purchase.

Same with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and along with save files, Trophies and Achievements earned will also carry over.

In the trial players will be able to play the first hour of the game, install hacker skills, find various areas of Talos I by using the GLOO Gun to create new pathways to higher levels.

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Players can also come into contact with NPCs and either help them out or take them out. They can also be ignored in case you'd rather not bother with them right away.

A recent update was also applied to Prey earlier this month, so if you haven't logged any time recently, you might want to apply 1.05. You can look over the patch notes through a previous post.

To download the trial, just log into your system of choice, search for the game, click the trial option, and have some fun with it.

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