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Pre-Order listing suggests Wii U to cost £399.85, pins it down for July 20 release next year

UK retailer Zavvi has put up a pre-order listing for Wii U and priced it at £399.85 ($654), while marking it down for a July 20 release next year.

The retailer has put up a proper product page for Nintendo's new console but it's unlikely that it'll cost this much, as the price mentioned is ridiculously steep.

Nintendo's Wii cost £179.99 ($294)  when it launched, while the Xbox 360 cost £279.99 ($458) at launch. It was only the PS3 which had a even higher launch price, costing £429.99 ($703) .

Nintendo announced the Wii U during their press conference last light, but didn't have anything to say regarding either its price or release date.

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