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Pledge your allegiance to Yorkshire Tea with these £150 PlayStation and Xbox controllers

Sorry, PG Tips lovers, there's diddly squat for you.

Yorkshire Tea fans, it's finally time to blend your love of a good cuppa with gaming, as the iconic brand has a pair of controllers on offer.

Do you have a spare £150-£300 and fancy a brand new PlayStation and or Xbox controller? Can't stop drinking tea? Yorkshire Tea showed off a pair of snazzy looking controllers yesterday in the style of the tea brand's boxes designed by POPeART, and I've honestly never seen a stranger controller (yes, I'm including Resident Evil 4's chainsaw controller). Each one costs £150, which is pretty steep even by the PS5 and Xbox's standards, though Yorkshire Tea is aware they'll be out of most people's price range. Typically a DualSense or Xbox Series controller will set you back around £60, so they're more than twice as expensive.

"Sorry they're not cheaper!" reads a tweet from the official Yorkshire Tea Twitter account. "Believe it or not we're not making money on these. It's a small run of a Popeart custom design which we originally pondered just making one of as a marketing thing, and then thought: what if we actually make them available to buy?

"But we don't do this sort of thing a lot so the volume was a total guess. So we're reading all of the comments and sharing what people are saying with the team. Especially the calls for mugs and teapots to finally come out."

According to store page for the controllers, the designs came about because "controller designer extraordinaire" POPeART tweeted a design at the company, so it "had a bunch of Zoom meetings and turned it from a pipe dream into an actual thing you can hold in your real, human hands." I feel it is worth noting that POPeART's website does also have a link to NFTs they appear to be peddling, so that's possibly something to consider if you're thinking about picking up the Yorkshire Tea controllers.

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