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PlayStation VR will be released on October 13

Sony announced a release date for PlayStation VR during its E3 2016 showcase this evening.


PlayStation VR will be released on October 13

Previously down for an "October" release window, the firm announced the headset would be released in both North America and Europe on October 13.

Sony revealed at GDC earlier this year the headset, previously known as Project Morpheus, would retail for $399 in the US, £349 in the UK and €399 in Europe.

The company has over 230 developers working on content for the headset with at least 50 games releasing between its launch on October 13 through the end of the year.

As previously reported, a PS VR version of Star Wars Battlefront is on the way, and at Sony's E3 2016 press conference this evening, it was announced a Batman VR game was coming as well.

Resident Evil 7 will have VR support from start to finish in the game, and Final Fantasy 15 will even have a VR experience.

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