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Platinum Games collaborating with ESRB, but MadWorld release iffy in censorship-happy territories

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Is no game better than a diced-to-pieces, heavily censored game? Sega and Platinum Games seem to think so. According to MTV, the two companies’ gore-splosion of a collaborative effort, MadWorld, won’t be seeing a release in violence-shy countries like Japan, Australia, and Germany. At least, not yet.

Only after MadWorld showers the US with red stuff will Sega evaluate the game for release in the aforementioned territories.

Additionally, in order to make sure MadWorld can even snag a passport for its Western release, Platinum Games regularly provides the ESRB with up-to-date code, making the regulatory body “part of the process” in the title’s development. Don’t worry, though; MadWorld is still shooting for the M rating’s upper limits.

The game launches in March. Fortunately, we’re fairly sure March is more than 30-ish days away.

By Nathan Grayson

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