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PlanetSide 2's Hossin video and details revealed during SOE Live

PlanetSide 2's next content update, the swampy continent of Hossin, was revealed to the public at SOE Live yesterday, and TenTonHammer was there to grab some details regarding its battle island, Nexus, which is playable at the fan event.

Nexus features a three-lane design full of snowy mountains, and nine contestable "points dot the map," which players will need to assault or defended in a particular way: either by air, foot, vehicle, or other means. Battle islands are found three to a continent, and Hossin will be no different, according to SOE.

Hossin also contains an Interlink Facility, which according to creative director Matt Higby could one day become an "extremely important" component in Intercontinental Conquest; however, before that can occur, more continents are needed. Currently, there are three other continents in the game: Amerish, Esamir, and Indar.

The facility is large and much like a maze, but there are arrows giving players directions to the more important locations within its. Lightbridges are also inside the facility, and players can only cross them if their faction oversee the control rooms; otherwise the player will fall to their death if they try to cross it.

A third of Hossin is up on the test server now, and more of the content will be released at a later date.

An official release date has not been set, but SOE plans to continue releasing new content every two weeks.

If you head through the link to TenTonHammer, you'll be able to have a looks at some screenshots. Below, you will also find a reveal video for Hossin shown at SOE Live.

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