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Planetside 2 UGC plans include item creation, base-building

Sony Online Entertainment has more ambitious plans for Planetside 2's user-generated content than recently announced custom mission tools.

Speaking at the MLG Spring Championships this weekend, as reported by Shack News, Planetside 2 creative director Matt Higby said more robust user creation tools are on the cards.

"Longer-term, our plans for user-generated content are allowing players to do things like build their own bases on continents," he said.

"Maybe a continent that's empty and requires players to go out there and gather or consume resources to be able to place bases."

Unfortunately, this completely rad feature is a long way off, as Higby confirmed this is a long-term plan and not yet in active development. That said, Player Studio - an item creation tool used in Everquest and FreeRealms - is inbound sooner rather than later.

"Essentially, you, as a player, can create new helmets or skins for weapons. Send them to us and if they look cool and they pass the art director's muster, then we put them in and people can download them and use them in the game," Higby explained.

"And you, as the artist, receive a portion of our sales that we get for those."

Planetside 2 is a free to play shooter MMO.

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