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Planetside 2 dev has 'proven' it can bring games to PS3, teases new projects

Planetside 2's John Smedley has become a mainstay on these pages for being so damn quotable. This time he's been discussing his studio Sony Online Entertainment's capability for bringing its games to PS3. He believes it can be done. Find out what he had to say below.

Speaking with OPM, Smedley responded to a question about the ability of console manufactures to bring free-to-play titles to their respective formats.

“We’re in a unique position," he said. "We have two operating free-to-play games on PS3 right now – DC Universe and Free Realms. Actually, 70% of our revenue comes from PS3. So we’re uniquely placed having helped to build the PlayStation Network in the first place. PSN has the ability right now to handle free-to-play games, and it does so very well".

He also believes that PS3 and Sony are in a good place when it comes to handling F2P titles, "The way I see it in the future… There seems to be this argument going round that we’re going to see the last of consoles – and to me there’s this very simple delineation. For me my computer is in my office at home, and my TV is in my living room.

"Consoles are a different type of gaming for me, and I play different games on different devices – but I think the free-to-play model works awesomly on consoles and I think you’re going to see more of it as time goes on. It’s going to be much more prevalent on consoles”.

The site then asked Smedley if he could see Planetside 2 hitting PS3, to which he replied, "What I’d say is – SOE has proven that we can bring our games to the PS3, and it’s fair to say that we’ve got some other stuff out there cooking. I can’t tell you what platforms it’s for, but we’re really excited about it”.

Would you play Planetside 2 on PS3? Let us know below.

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