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Planetside 2 boss goes on cheater head-hunt, calls banned player "scumbag"

Planetside 2 boss John Smedley has promised a aggressive war on cheaters currently active in SOE's sprawling MMOFPS. He's even called one banned player a "scumbag" over Twitter. Get the facts below.

Well damn.

It's no secret that hackers and cheaters are plaguing Planetside 2 at the moment, and that SOE has been trying to remedy the situation. Smedley went on an all-out Twitter attack against hackers last night, stressing that the studio knows who is cheating and is now taking measures to bring them down.

The threats then got a little eerie about here:

It is refreshing to see SOE taking steps to remedy the issue however, although it does raise questions about why safeguards weren't tighter to begin with. Banning the user Haruhi was proof that SOE has the power to block players, but will this be deterrent enough to stop the issue spreading further?

We'll reach out to SOE and Smedley for comment on the matter, but the developer seems confident in its banning abilities:

Have you been a victim of Planetside 2 hacking/cheating? Let us know your woes below.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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