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Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD heading to PS Vita, courtesy of Double Eleven

Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD is heading to PS Vita, thanks to Double Eleven. The LittleBigPlanet Vita studio announced it had signed a deal with Pixel Junk studio Q Games yesterday, and this is the first collaboration to come out of the deal.

Eurogamer reports that the enhanced version of the game is heading to PS Vita sometime in late summer, with plans to release it on PC and Mac afterwards.

Originally launched on PSN in 2008, Pixel Junk Monsters is a well-received tower defence title, and the Ultimate HD version will use the Vita's touch control, as well as delivering all add-on packs in one bundle.

The game marks Double Eleven's first pairing with Q Games, and it is currently working towards building its own unique IP, although the studio has yet to announce the project.

Will you be picking up the new version of Pixel Junk Monsters? Let us know below.

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