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Pitchford would like to see more new IP despite aging console market

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has said despite the age of consoles currently on the market, he would really like to see more new IP from developers.

Speaking with MCV, Pitchford said the original Borderlands is proof that a new franchise can launch at any time, providing a nice break for gamers bored with sequelitis.

“Part of the reason there are lots of sequels is because that’s what people are investing in,” he said. “I’ve never understood that.

“We launched the first Brothers in Arms in March 2005 and we sold 3.2m units. Xbox 360 launched in November 2005 so that’s about as end of the lifecycle as you can get. And you know what else launched in Q1 of 2005? God of War. You can create IP at any time. You just have to make something that people want.

"Some companies look at the market leaders and try to beat them at their own game. That’s a fine strategy if you’re capable of it. But it’s like going to the ice cream store. Everywhere serves vanilla ice cream, but if you eat that a lot, you will beg for a bowl of rocky road.

“Let’s say Call of Duty is vanilla and [EA] is trying to have their own vanilla brand that sells more. I want to be involved in things that wouldn’t have existed but for us. With Borderlands, there’s no doubt that’s true.”

Borderlands 2 is out in September, while other upcoming titles from Gearbox include Brothers In Arms: Furious Four (TBD) and Aliens: Colonial Marines in February 2013.

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