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Persona 5 R teased by Atlus

Atlus has dropped a new teaser for Persona 5 R.

The trailer is very short, and doesn't say what Persona 5 R is, but fans are excited about the prospects nonetheless. This is not the Nintendo Switch port many have been hoping for, either, as the trailer opens with a PlayStation logo.

Though this doesn't necessarily preclude the existence of a Switch version, it's at the very least not yet official. Assuming a Switch port is in the works, it'll more than likely be revealed in a Nintendo Direct.

For now, we know there's a Persona 5 R game in development for PlayStation platforms. It's also worth noting that the teaser mentions "new projects", so there's a chance more than one game will be announced. We'll find out the details in March.

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Atlus is no stranger to re-releasing enhanced versions of existing Persona games. The publisher has previously done so with Persona 3 FES/Portable, and more recently, Persona 4 Golden.

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