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Path of Exile 2 enters early access later this year with couch co-op and cross-play

Path of Exile 2 unexpectedly showed up to deliver a fantastic new look at gameplay, and some big news.

One of the more surprise reveals of tonight's State of Play showcase was Path of Exile 2, which got us all excited with some fresh footage, though a release date remains elusive.

On top of all the new footage, developer Grinding Gear Games confirmed some fantastic new features.

The gameplay footage confirmed that the game will support couch co-op, as well as cross-play and cross-progression with other platforms. Path of Exile 2 kicks off early access this fall - and that's sadly about it.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this gameplay footage:

Path of Exile 2 has been generating quite a lot of buzz already. The game initially started out as a major overhaul to the existing game, before it morphed into its own, fully-fledged, standalone sequel. With Diablo 4 now a year old, ARPG fans have their sights firmly set on Path of Exile 2 as the next major release in the genre.

Grinding Gear Games has been paying attention to the competition in a few key ways, too, especially learning from Diablo 4's many shortcomings.

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