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Watch the first Pagan Online gameplay footage

Wargaming has debuted the first look at gameplay from Pagan Online.

Pagan Online was first unveiled in November. This isometric action RPG MMO has a pre-Christian mythology theme, and it's due out next year. The initial reveal was brief, but today, we get a better look at gameplay.

The new gameplay trailer, seen below, will definitely look familiar to Diablo players - and fans of the genre in general. Developer Mad Head is teasing action-heavy combat, but so far the gameplay doesn't look that different from other ARPGs.

Interestingly, the developer is switching up the typical build structure, where the same class can play differently depending on the build. Instead, Pagan is going for a different approach where the emphasis is on building a "family" of heroes - inspired by Rogue Legacy perhaps?

Catch some alpha gameplay - and screens - in the trailer below:

Watch on YouTube

Pagan Online does not yet have a release target, but Mad Head will be hosting pre-launch tests, and you can get involved by registering on the official site.

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