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Pacific Rim game listed on Australian Classification Board

Some sor of video game tie in to Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is inbound, it seems.

A listing for a multi-platform game titled Pacific Rim has turned up on the Australian Classification Board.

Rated M, the game contains moderate impact fantasy violence and an online element, which may suggest multiplayer brawler of some kind.

The subject matter would certainly lend itself to a robots versus monsters fighter, and the developer - Yuke's - is well know for its WWE and UFC titles.

It's worth noting that THQ had a strong relationship with both del Toro and Yuke's before its collapse, and may have been the original backer of this project; along with copyright concerns this possibility makes it unlikely this is anything but a licensed tie-in to the upcoming film.

Normally at this point our next step would be to contact the publisher so it could ignore our request for information, but interestingly, the publisher is listed as Yuke's itself - suggesting a digital release. We've contacted the developer's western PR agency as well as local representatives for the film to ask what's up, but probably won't hear back until later in the week.

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