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Pachter: Natal will sell for $50


Michael Pachter has called it: Natal will be $50 when it goes on sale in the US by the end of this year.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst, speaking in the latest edition of his Pach-Attack show on GT, said:

"My guess is, talking to my hardware specialist colleagues at Wedbush, it's about $50 in cost," he said.

"I'd be very surprised if the thing is more then $79, and I really think it's going to be $50. Microsoft's not trying to make money on the device, trying to get everybody to have the device so that they can sell us other things, eventually can sell us a lot more Xbox 360s.

"My call is $50, I think that's where it's going to be launched."

Natal doesn't have a confirmed price point so far, but it is thought to cost £50 in the UK according to an MCV report from last year, with a release in November.

So far, the only thing confirmed is a Holiday 2010 release, with the proper name for the camera coming in at E3 in June.

Catch the full episode at the link.

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